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Idea Croron Ka

“Pakistan’s First Business Reality Show”

Idea Croron Ka is a platform that bridges the gap between investors and entrepreneurs. In Pakistan, we are developing a culture of entrepreneurship, with young people developing an appreciation, appetite and skill to dream up ideas and develop high-tech startups as viable businesses. This show is an important step to develop this culture and spread the germ of entrepreneurship in our youth. Idea Croron Ka gives budding entrepreneurs a platform to present their ideas to business tycoons and investors, who analyze their ideas and help them scale. It also features segments focusing on prominent figures in Pakistan who have undergone hardships to ultimately achieving their goals.
About Brooklyn
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Idea Croron Ka has 3 major segments.

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PakistaNEO kay Startups

Startup Pitch segment features 2 startups per episode where each startup pitch their business idea in front of investors and upon a long conversation and question answer session with the investors a deal is struck. The investor offers investment against some percentage of equity. The startups may or may not raise investment.

PakistaNEO kay Superheroes

The segment Superheroes of Pakistan features such entrepreneurs who struggled through the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey yet they never gave up and today stand successful in building a company out of a mere business idea. They come in as a motivation and encouragement for the young aspiring entrepreneurs promoting the mantra to believe in their idea and keep working hard.

Himmat Karo PakistaNEO

There are people struggling day in day out to make a living and through this segment ICK hopes to help common small scale entrepreneurs raise investment and expand their businesses. This will not only benefit the entrepreneur but also encourage and motivate those who are jobless, despite being educated or not and are looking for ways to earn.

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The Crew

The investors who make it happen!


Nabeel A. Qadeer

Lead, Host & Content Producer - Idea Croron Ka


Salim Ghauri

Founder & CEO, NetSol Technologies


Ali Aziz

Founder & CEO - Shopistan Inc


Suneel Munj

Co-Founder -


Sheharyar Ali

Executive Director- Treet Corporation Limited


Asha Jadeja

Founder Motwani Jadeja Foundation


Humayun Mazhar

Founder and CEO Cresventures


Naeem Zamindar

Minister of State and Chairman of the Board of Investment


Monis Rahman

Chairman, CEO & Founder - Naseeb Networks, Inc


Rabeel Warraich

Founder and CEO - Sarmayacar


Qaiser Ansari

CEO Pantera Energy


Abdul Rehman Talat

Founder & CEO - BlueEast


Ali Tariq

Managing Director, TAQ Logistics


Saad Fazil

MD VentureDive


Jonas Eichhorst

Founder & Director - Positive Impact Network


Abbas Yousafzai

Founder and CEO Yotascale


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